BeFantastic Beyond – Winning commission

Wood Wide Web, AI + Climate change

Artists: Kanchan Joneja, Kristina Pulejkova
With support from Anupam Mahajan, Cameron Naylor

The Wood Wide Web is a hybrid interactive installation, which will be bringing ancient endangered trees from India and the UK to life through the use of skeletal tracking and AI. The sacred forests get personified and tell their stories, evoking empathy in humans across the globe to inspire more care for the planet.

Conceptualized by Jaaga’s BeFantastic (India), in association with FutureEverythingFutureFantastic is an exciting and ambition new AI+Art festival as part of the British Council’s India Together UK Season of Culture, celebrating the remarkable bond between two countries and exploring our cultures, our shared planet and our relationship with digital technologies that will shape our future together.

Taking place in Bangalore 2023, FutureFantastic festival is a public exhibition of artwork and installations created in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence that communicate the urgency of the climate emergency.