Lizard Vision, 2019

Holographic projection, 3D printed objects on textile and film, 180 x 50 x 130 cm

Lizard Vision (2019) is a work that explores ideas around machine vision. The Lizards are seen as symbols for the other – the non-human and machinic gaze. With the use of holographic projection and 3D printed models, the work hints at the porosity of digital objects and the possibility to ‘enter’ them in digital space. Swapping form for terrain, the lizards are taken as a metaphor for the possibilities of machine vision to look within structures and to map out cavernous spaces that are out of reach before the technology, offering a new way of looking at art.

Lizard Vision, work documentation

Lizard Vision was shown as part of Life & Beyond, a group exhibition at the Lewisham Arthouse in London, UK

Work documentation, shown as part of Life & Beyond, Lewisham Arthouse, London, UK