Wild, Wired! 2023

‘Wild Wired! Rewilding Encounters of Langthorne Park’ (Oct 2023 – Feb 2024) is a site-specific mobile-friendly g

Under The Skin, We Shine Brightest, 2023

Under The Skin We Shine Brightest is an immersive installation using AI, digital prints and video projection to draw parallels

Talking Plants, 2023

Talking Plants is an interactive, living sculpture made in collaboration with year 4 students, commissioned by Southwark Park

Wood Wide Web, 2023

Wood Wide Web is a collaborative piece created by artists Kanchan Joneja (India), Kristina Pulejkova (UK), Anupam Mahajan (Ind

Wanderer, 2022

WANDERER is an interactive web project exploring the emergence of sentience in AI, in particular through the creation of multi

Where We All Meet, 2021

Where We All Meet is a site-specific project, looking at the life cycle of the critically endangered European eel, tracing its


Video essay, 9:32 min, Full HD, sound TOUCHSCREEN is an essay that deals with a shift of observation perspective in a time of

Wedding Journey, 2019

Wedding Journey is an immersive installation consisting of 360 VR video, holographic projection on water screens and sound, lo

The Space Between Us, 2019

The Space Between Us is an audio-visual performance, created in collaboration with music band Anathema and the European Space

Lizard Vision, 2019

Holographic projection, 3D printed objects on textile and film, 180 x 50 x 130 cm Lizard Vision (2019) is a work that explores

The Lizard Gaze, 2018

Film, 05:10 Two lizards offer their view on ancient Greek sculpture and the classical ideals of art. In Greek mythology, the b

Red, 2018

Film, 05:59 min Red addresses the science fiction trope of terraforming through comparing humanity’s destructive environment

Anosis, 2017

A multidisciplinary dance installation Choreography | GEORGIA TEGOU | Performer | MICHALIS THEOPHANOUS Spatial Design | ARGYRI

Modified, 2017

100 x 40 x 150 cm, mixed media and AR application In Modified, social and psychological aspects of becoming a cyborg are explo

Terra Elastica, 2017

10 x 150 x 160 cm, mixed media Terra Elastica is a kinetic sculpture that deals with the moon’s gravitational pull that

My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath

My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath is a collaborative audio-visual project by visual artist Kristina Pulejkova and musician and Pi

Atom C, 2016

Full HD, 10:30 min, stereo sound Atom C takes a poetical approach in describing the carbon cycle seen through the perspective

Photophilia, 2016

Photophilia is a proposition for a future human that evolved into a human-plant entity that is able to photosynthesise. The wo

Active Process, 2016

Active Process is an interactive sonic installation that deals with the carbon cycle. Inspired by electronic music pioneer Dap

Carbon, Sonic Cycles, 2016

The piece Carbon, Sonic Cycles is an interactive sound installation that deals with the carbon cycle. Drawings, archival docum

Sonic Nature, 2015

Based on Pierre Schaeffer’s ‘Musique concrète’, Sonic Nature is an installation that uses both recorded sounds and soni