Anosis, 2017

A multidisciplinary dance installation

Choreography | GEORGIA TEGOU | Performer | MICHALIS THEOPHANOUS Spatial Design | ARGYRIS ANGELI | KYRIAKI NASIOULA (Gesamtatelier) Video Art | KRISTINA PULEJKOVA | Music composition | F73 | Costume Design | MARR | Lighting Design | MIKE TOON | Co-lighting Designers & Stage Management | CHARA PANAYI | ANDREW SANGER | Photography | NIKOLAS LOUKA | Graphic Design | ARGYRIS ANGELI | Visual Arts Consultant | TAMARA TOMIC-VAJAGIC | Producer | MARK MALLABONE | Production Associate, Marketing, Communication | LIA GARBOLA

A ritual of personal transformation, ‘Anosis’ explores three emotional states relating to water; the concepts of sinking, floating and flying.

The audience dives into a visual environment, tracking the dancer’s transition across the three states and utilizing the ‘model of affect’ as a roadmap. The circumplex model used in neuroscience proposes that all affective states arise from two fundamental neurophysiological systems, one related to pleasure and displeasure and the other to arousal and deactivation

Anosis’, the Greek word for buoyancy, symbolises the force which lifts us up, counteracting what brings us down until we reach equilibrium. The body becomes the vessel carrying us through the struggle of processing what we experience in our lives. This journey from sinking to flying is a continual cycle that traces old patterns and carves new paths.

‘dance-as-design’ brings together the four disciplines of dance, music, fashion and architectural design and integrates scientific theories. Georgia Tegou’s research and practice blurs the boundaries of dance and movement with visual and spatial arts, highlighting their interdependent relationship. You can read more about the project here.