Atom C, 2016

Full HD, 10:30 min, stereo sound

Atom C takes a poetical approach in describing the carbon cycle seen through the perspective of a single carbon atom. The animated video Atom C traces the journey of the atom from its birth in the Universe, through the biosphere and finally its end as part of the human consciousness. Seen through a first-person perspective, the viewer is being placed in the position of the carbon atom – the building block of terrestrial life. By assuming a first-person perspective, the aim of the piece is to imagine the visual sensation of traveling in a microscopic world as well as to challenge the viewer to imagine her or himself in a micro scale.

In the right part of the animation’s frame, an infographic supplies the viewer with information about the atom’s states as it enters different environments, further adding metadata information to the visual aesthetic of the piece and assuming a more game-like visual experience. The piece is inspired by Primo Levi’s book entitled ‘The Periodic Table’. In the book’s chapter entitled ‘Carbon’, Levi is taking a carbon atom on a hypothetical journey through the biosphere upon which the animation’s narrative is based. Furthermore, scientific facts, data and chemical formulae related to the carbon cycle are used in construction of the animation.

Essentially, the piece aims to provoke reflections on the complex relationships of elements in building organic life. Furthermore, it aims to highlight the incredibly intricate yet fragile machinery of the biosphere, in the hope that it would spark thoughts on sustainability and preservation.

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