My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath

My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath is a collaborative audio-visual project by visual artist Kristina Pulejkova and musician and Piano Magic member Glen Johnson.


Pulejkova’s film, in which familiar images from the movies of Stanley Kubrick and Andrei Tarkovsky, amongst others, are transformed into new, otherworldly entities, is not only mixed live by Pulejkova but soundtracked live by Johnson.

Informed by 70’s science fiction films, the animation’s aesthetic aims to isolate the iconic images from their environment, further placing them into different contexts and relations to other characters. The final result is a world of characters and creatures, suggestive of being inside a man/machine hybrid or floating in the vast emptiness of space.

The set is divided into different tracks entitled ‘hearts’ which are then paired with accompanying visuals. As both music and visuals are mixed live, ‘My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath is a piece that is ever changing, giving the audience a glance of its perpetual flux.

Following Johnson and Pulejkova’s two-year long collaboration, the piece resulted in a music album accompanied by video, released through the Second Language record label in January 2016.
As part of the project, a series of water colours were developed based on the animated piece, which then provided the basis for the CD artwork.

My Heart Has Run Out Of Breath has been performed at Cafe Oto, one of the London leading experimental music venues, as a part of a group show at the Brunel Museum Tunnel Shaft in London for the Art Licks Weekend Festival and in the Electric Palace Cinema in Hastings, UK.