The Space Between Us, 2019

The Space Between Us is an audio-visual performance, created in collaboration with music band Anathema and the European Space Agency.

The work was performed at the Indigo at the O2 in London, as the headlining event at Space Rocks, a festival about space exploration and culture, created in collaboration with ESA. Through this collaboration, the aim was to showcase the brilliant work that ESA has done through space exploration, searching for answers about the origin of life and learning more about the Universe.For the creation of the moving image work, I was using ESA’s archives to tell a story about life on our planet and what lies in the great beyond, but also to cast a light on the amazing people who have dedicated their lives to science.

The Rosetta and Copernicus mission, as well as the human space exploration are taken as the main reference points, as they feature research on early life in the Solar System, climate change and human space travel.

By taking inspiration from the theme ‘Space Between Us’, which derives from one of Anathema’s songs, the work aims to draw a parallel between life on Earth and the strive to reach other planets, looking at our relationship with nature, being human and our place in the Universe.