Workshop: Make Your Own Hologram

SPACE Studios Ilford

SAT 15 JUN 2024, 11AM – 3PM

Come to this family-friendly workshop to turn your drawings into holograms and see them float in space. Artist Kristina Pulejkova will teach you how to make a holographic pyramid out of a piece of plastic sheet. Then, using metallic pens and black paper, you can create drawings that can be seen as holograms with the help of your mobile phone and the holographic pyramid. At the end of the workshop, you will have your own holographic pyramid to take home with you and make more floating, holographic art.

This workshop is part of Tech Ilford, a free day-long programme of events being run in and around Redbridge Central Library for people of all ages and abilities. See the full listing of events on Tech Ilford’s website here.