Wild, Wired! 2023

‘Wild Wired! Rewilding Encounters of Langthorne Park’ (Oct 2023 – Feb 2024) is a site-specific mobile-friendly game developed as a collaborative artwork with local communities and created by Kristina Pulejkova, Melissa Schwarz, Chun Sun, Bianca Shonee Arroyo-Kreimes, and Eternal Engine. The work was commissioned by the William Morris Gallery and co-curated by Hervisions and Christine Lai, as part of the Radical Landscapes exhibition. The piece is inspired by William Morris’s ecotopian novel News From Nowhere and talks about the importance of nature preservation and rewilding through fictional narratives. 

Produced in collaboration with Leytonstone Toy Library, ​​the Youth Club at Worth Unlimited and local communities. This project aims to explore digital rewilding – connecting the hyperlocal ecology of Langthorne Park to the wider global Climate Emergency and exploring how boundaries between humans, nature and technology are dissolving. The work draws on themes of identity, social mobility, collective storytelling, and our relationship to place. In a series of workshops, local residents and young people worked with digital artists to imagine the future of Langthorne Park, set in a parallel universe. The results of the workshops are re-interpreted into an interactive site-specific mobile-friendly game.

Visit this page on the William Morris Gallery website for further information.

The Game

This is a mobile-friendly site-specific game with five environments. You are invited to visit Long Thorn Valley, a place that exists in a parallel universe at the exact location of Langthorne Park. It is the year 2435, on a planet that we will call Other Earth, where plants, creatures and parasites thrive in symbiotic relationships. The most precious possessions of these beings are their memories. Memories are the core of their being. They are the life force that keeps them alive.
But a terrible disaster caused them to lose their memories, throwing all inhabitants of the Valley into hibernation.
You are the Guardian called Siph – a colony of tiny organisms working as a single being who used to live in the deep ocean. A passionate collector of memories, YOU have the power to help the Valley’s creatures. Collect and retrieve their memories and restore life to Other Earth!

Kristina Pulejkova – Game Narrative, Map, Mosaic Monuments
Melissa Schwarz – Game Environment, Portal
Chun Sun – Game Characters: Arboricor – Heart, Sylvan – Spleen, Aerophyta – Lung, Renalith – Kidney, Chlora – Liver, Violetta, Max, Nalu, Two-headed Flower
Bianca Shonee Arroyo-Kreimes – Game Characters: Siphnonophore, Fernbell, Leeverd, Barrus, Cnidaria
Eternal Engine – Game Developer and Visual Artist
Alessia Arcuri – Graphic Design
Nerian Keywan – Animation and Motion Design
Zaiba Jabbar – Founder of HERVISIONS, Creative Director, Curator and Creative Producer
Tanya Boyarkina – Curator and Creative Producer
Christine Lai – Public Programme Curator at the William Morris Gallery
Nicholas Delap – Game Developer and Visual Artist